Frances R. Schmidt

Looking for a job is hard work; it can be a difficult and frustrating process, especially if you’re a college student trying to juggle academics and other responsibilities. In Getting Hired, author Frances R. Schmidt offers a quick and easy job search handbook for graduates and soon-to-be-graduates that presents a five-step approach for getting hired during difficult economic times. Getting Hired helps college graduates successfully get hired by encouraging, motivating, and teaching them how to focus on the employers’ needs in any economic circumstances. It covers the nuts and bolts of the entire hiring process, including handling job search stress; realizing the importance of networking; marketing one’s qualifications; preparing a resume and writing a cover letter; getting results from the portfolio; learning the art of interviewing. Schmidt, an experienced career counselor, shows how graduates can and will get hired if they distill the job search process down, step-by-step, to achieve employment career success in any job situation. Learn how to successfully market yourself in order to make a smooth transition from college to career. Praise for Getting Hired “The text is comprehensive and offers clear and concise messages important to job seekers” -Dr. Timothy Gallineau, Interim Chair and Faculty Higher Education Administration Department, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, New York


The “Nitty Gritty” Employment Manual will help you to get hired in any job market. You will learn how new graduates, employed and underemployed, and employed-and-looking job hunters find meaningful work. This common sense manual will show you how to handle any type of job search or career transition, and how to cope with job hunt stress, fear, or failure. Learn how to increase self-confidence, obtain job satisfaction, and use each job as a pathway to the next. The text is a blueprint for getting hired, containing common sense analogies, quizzes, strategies, worksheets, and motivational tips. Use it as a daily reference to become a “have a job and love it” employee.


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