Frances R. Schmidt

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Loved how easy it was to read. I finished the book in a week. Violet sure is a character many of us can relate to in one way or another and there sure are many lessons to be learned here-many things we can take from it and transmit inside our own lives. We all have our own journeys-our triumphs and our losses but it’s what we make of them that matters most. Enjoyed the book very much! You will too.
- Jimmy
Just finished the book. I loved it. Such a relatable story with all of life’s struggles and triumphs. Violet took center stage. Her life is instructive for all of us
- Marty F.
I'm not an avid reader, but when I started reading the novel I couldn't stop. Violet never gave up in the worst of times. Often, I worried about Violet because of what happens to her. Every time she turned around she faced new obstacles. It's a must-read novel.
- Don S.
"Forver Violet" is a beautiful story that shows how far you can go in life no matter where you came from. Violet truly embodies the motto "Grow through what you go through".
- Amanda B.
There are not many stories tha give you the range of emotions that Forever Violet does through the ups and downs of her young life. She doesn't give up on the pursuit of her dream, but I especially liked the kindness shown to and from Violet. Good, quick read!
- Mary C.
‘Forever Violet’ is such an inspirational story! I was most impressed by Violet's remarkable resilience. I am in awe of her. With all her ups and downs, challenges and heartache, she continued to follow her dreams. A truly heartfelt lesson of adversity and hope. I will be passing this brilliantly written novel along for family and friends to enjoy!
- Elaine C.
Be All You Can Be" is the motto of the U.S.Army, and the dream of a young girl named Violet. She is no shrinking violet! Violet is full of desire, perseverance and, perhaps more importantly, filled with great self-worth. All these traits take her from street urchin to successful author. Her journey is filled with many fortuitous events, along with several hard knocks. Life is not fair! But, it's one's response to various circumstances that builds character and sustains one through the bumps of the journey of our life. Not a self-help book, yet the story reminds us the American Dream still exists for those who dream, create, and work hard toward a goal they have set for themselves. Truly a lovely read from beginning to end!
- Theresa W.
This book enlightens my imagination taking me back as it takes me to my Grandparents neighborrhood. Extremely relatable. I could not put it down. As with Fred, it should be a musical.
- Lynn G.
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