Fred’s Friends

I’m still amazed at the growing list of Fred’s Friends, all of the people who supported his plea to be heard and provided invaluable information ! 

Special thanks to:

Carm & Sal’s Auto ServiceThe Family Tree RestaurantFowlers Chocolate, Louie & Joe’s Barbershop, and Santasierio’s Restaurant

Sharon Boyd, Larry Gatti, Lynn Gray, Dennis Kane, Jackie Krupczyk, Alicia Land, Alfreda Johnson, Judy Kellam, Mary McCreary, Marcia Nowak, Cordell Porter, Linda Purucker, Roberta Sampson, Lee Sharon, Adele Surovich, Kathy Tartick, Mary Tisby, Nina Trietley, Ren Trietley, Helga Tyson, Ted Van Deusen, Mary Van Deusen, Pat Yeager