Watch for my New Book Cover Coming in December 2020!

It is a pleasure to share an updated summary of my adventure back in time.

I’m the author of an upcoming novel about an apartment building named FRED, located in a residential and industrial neighborhood on the West Side of Buffalo, New York. In 2006 Fred spoke to me on my way to work at a local college using telepathy. He said “Please tell my story before It’s too late and evidence of my existence is gone”

It took took six more years until 2012, before “The Orphan Building” research team was organized and our adventure into the past began and it took another nine years to confirm publication.

Fred, built in 1900,tells the oral history and legacy of generations of his ethnically and culturally diverse tenants and their families who arrived in America from all over the world, during the span of a hundred twenty years.

His tenants were immigrants, refugees, internal migrant and descendants of enslaved Peoples of Africa. Heritages included German, Sicilian, Italian, English, Irish, Jewish, Polish, Hungarian, Canadian, French,Puerto Rican and African American.

Fred’s story is a legacy of hope that shares his appreciation of the value of freedom and what it means to survive and thrive in America in the 21st Century and beyond!

Fred: Buffalo Building of Dreams publishing date will be postponed until early Spring of 2021 due to current challenges. My author website continues to include FRED’S prior posts titled FRED SPEAKS.

The current website will be updated when the new book cover will be available in December of 2020. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for your interest. Fred hopes to return to blogging prior to publication. Thank you for your interest and support. 

“Words are powerful instruments of truth, facts, fiction, and imagination.”


” I couldn’t get the building out of my mind”


About Frances

  Ms. Schmidt is the author of Fred: Building of Dreams, 2021. This multi-period historical fiction novel is about a 121 year old apartment building and his tenants who lived in the West Side industrial neighborhood of Buffalo, New York, from 1900 – 2021.

Frances is also the author of two self-help job search books: Getting Hired Handbook for College Graduates and Getting Hired in any Job Market. She founded and served as the Volunteer Coordinator of The Free All Volunteer Book on Track Program of the Western New York Saint Vincent DePaul Society of Western New York for seventeen years.

Frances holds an M.S. degree from The State University College of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo State College) and  B.S. and A.A. degrees from Empire State College in Buffalo, New York. She served as Director of the D’Youville College Career Services Center in Buffalo, New York for 18 years.

Fred Speaks

Message to FRED’S Friends and valued LinkedIn contacts

FRED: Buffalo Building of Dreams is currently moving forward toward publication in January 2021.Eight reviewers from all walks of life in Western New York have written remarkable individualized  testimonials with universal appeal, and will they be included in the novel, and later posted on the author website when the book is published. Thank you for …


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