“Words are powerful instruments of truth, facts, fiction, and imagination.”

“I couldn’t get the building out of my mind…”

About Frances

Ms. Schmidt is the author of Fred: Buffalo’s Building of Dreams, 2020. This multi-period historical fiction novel is about a 115 year old apartment building and his tenants who lived in the West Side industrial neighborhood of Buffalo, New York, from 1900 – 2018.

Frances is also author of Getting Hired Handbook 2012 and Getting Hired in any Job Market.  Currently she is the Volunteer Coordinator of Back on Track Volunteers, offering free self-empowerment workshops to the Western New York community.

Frances holds an M.S. degree from The State University College of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo State College) and  B.S. and A.A. degrees from Empire State College in Buffalo, New York. She served as Director of the D’Youville College Career Services Center in Buffalo, New York for 18 years.

Fred Speaks

Change is Coming! Last week I saw Fran, my author, “The Woman in the Black Toyota”. She was visiting the gas station across the street from me, chatting with the owner as his son filled her gas tank. I think the gas station man talks to her about what’s going on in the area, and …


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