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Greetings to FREDs Friends and Followers:

FRED has had an extraordinary surprise and wants to share it. My author, Frances R. Schmidt, received a NYC Big Book Award for FRED: Buffalo Building of Dreams in the historical fiction category as a 2021 Distinguished Favorite.

The competition is judged by experts from different aspects of the book industry including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copy writers. Selected award winners and Distinguished Favorites are based on overall excellence.

The New York City Big Book Award announces the 2021 Winners & Distinguished Favorites!

First Podcast Interview

I am happy to announce my first Podcast interview about FRED: Buffalo Building of Dreams on the Penny Wolfgang On Target Show.



My Post Publication Adventure Begins

My new adventure is underway and my goal is to publicize heartwarming tales, memories, and experiences of twelve decades of life as a modest apartment building. I’m destined to share my tenants lives. They were culturally and ethnically diverse and came to America from all over the world to be free.

My mission is to pass on the power of hope my tenants displayed under stressful circumstances, during their historical lifetimes filled with unpredictability. Freedom was the common denominator and the glue that allowed  tenants from many cultures to become lifelong friends and acquaintances.

During the past nine years I have gathered many friends and supporters who believed in me because many of their parents and great grandparents were immigrants, refugees, internal immigrants and descendants of enslaved peoples of Africa. They were Italian, Sicilian, German, Irish, Polish, Canadian, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Hungarian, and African Americans.

I believe “Everyone is special and deserves a life of freedom, truth, and choices.”

Mission Achieved

Dear LinkedIn Contacts and Supporters,

FRED: BUFFALO BUILDING OF DREAMS, a historical novel, has been published today, on April 19, 2021. Thank you for your interest in this special project. My mission as FRED’S author has been achieved after many years. He would like to share an important message with you. “ In the past hundred and twenty years I’ve witnessed the tragedies, joys, hopes, and dreams of my treasured ethnically and culturally diverse tenants and their families. I observed their lives first hand and learned that it takes never ending hope to thrive and survive in America in the 20th Century and beyond. Their legacy inspired this novel.” ~FRED

FRED’S New Memory of Hope

During the past several years FRED: BUFFALO BUILDING OF DREAMS 2021 struggled to survive long enough to be published, What FRED has learned most from his culturally and ethnically diverse tenants is hard to believe and often harder to maintain.
It is the power of HOPE in the middle of desperation that kept generations of Fred’s immigrants, refugees, internal migrants, and descendants of enslaved peoples of Africa survive and thrive in America. Their hope helped them survive long enough to face their fears and cope with many losses. Fred learned first hand that hope is a powerful force that can last a lifetime.

Journey Back in Time

Dear friends, my long journey from back in time taught me to be a good listener and silent observer of human behavior. My historical novel is a glimpse into the lives of generations of tenants from various parts of the world in search of personal and economic freedom in America.
My observations helped me understand what it must be like to be human and shaped my destiny to share their legacy with current and future generations. They no longer have a voice. My author’s words speak on behalf of all of us.
My tenants’ personal tales enriched my life beyond belief. They became family to me. I held their secrets, disappointments, grief, and was fortunate to share their many moments of joy and success within my walls. I was a silent member of their families, entering their lives without their knowledge, with the exception of one special young boy who grew up protected within my walls.
I was able to connect with my tenants and their families, whose lives were impacted by historical events beyond their control. My firsthand history lessons are vivid and extensive as I imagine them in my mind’s eye, filled with unbelievable actual events. I learned about the Civil War, the Hooks, the Great Strike of 1899, the Suffragettes, World War 1, the right to vote, the Buffalo Children’s Aid Society, the News and Black Boot Boys, and major events that took place around the world during this 120-year period.
You might ask me “Why is this story important?”. And, I will tell you.
I am a survivor, a modest apartment building with a heart and soul and tales to tell. I’m still standing proudly like my tenants were when they first moved into my building.
My hope is that readers will be able to step back in time and see themselves in the struggles and hopes, the heartaches and dreams, and the common humanity that all my tenants shared – and share with you.
In a way I’m like my tenants. I have ups and downs, fears, unknown challenges, only I have no control over what happens to me. My fate is in my owner’s hands. How I wish I had the free will to make the types of choices my tenants made to survive and thrive.
FRED: Buffalo Building of Dreams (Publication in 2021: BookBaby Publishing)

A Note to All Fred’s Friends and Followers

We know this is a difficult time for everyone during the Covid 19 pandemic; author Fran Schmidt sends you a heartfelt message of hope and a sincere message to please stay safe and well.


Granny Mattie’s African American Treasures

In the early 90’s, eighty-five-year-old Granny Mattie Brown, the mother of 15 children and 31 grandchildren moved into one of my apartments with her youngest son Douglass and his wife. Please use your imagination to visualize a small cozy living room, with a small two-tiered table in the center. On the top of the table was a small collection of Mattie’s favorite items, but her most precious treasures were placed on the bottom shelf. It held her collection of books and family journals. At first, I wondered why Granny Mattie celebrated “Memory Sundays”. I can’t tell you the answer right now, but when you read my story, it’ll give you food for thought.
The first book I saw on the bottom shelf, was an original copy of abolitionist, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s, Uncle Tom’s Cabin – an anti-slavery novel published in 1852. This book was based on actual events from freed slave narratives, anti-slavery newspapers and first-hand accounts. More than 10,000 copies were sold in the first week.
The second book was written by another abolitionist, Fredrick Douglass. It was an autobiography of his life titled, The Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, An American Slave.
Beneath the copy of his book, was a large faded black and white copy of Harriet Tubman, wrapped in plastic. I found out that in 1849, Harriet, along with her two brothers, escaped slavery from Maryland and fled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They followed the North Star on their 90-mile journey.
Mattie’s most important items on that shelf were her great, great Granny Pearly’s slave journal and her own family journal.  When you read the novel, soon to be published, you’ll step back in time to learn the importance of family names and the many truths regarding Afro-American history including the value of “Memory Sundays”.


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