Frances R. Schmidt

Dear Readers,

While waiting to have Violet: From Stony Hill to Broadway published this Fall, I’ll be re-posting a few of my original posts until the official announcement of Violet’s novel.

I also thank you for your continuing interest in my novel FRED: Buffalo Building of Dreams.


I’ve learned many secrets in my lifetime. Some are too hot to handle. To me a secret between two people is sacred. Only sometimes they reveal themselves in unexpected ways. I believe we all have secrets and some we never share with anyone except ourselves.

I don’t think secrets are bad if they keep people from despair. I was a secret for a hundred and twenty years. Now many of my historical secrets have been revealed while others will remain hidden within my walls. They can be happy or sad depending on one’s circumstances. They can even be serious or embarrassing. Sometimes saving lives or destroying them.

To tell or not to tell a secret is a question I’ve often asked myself while telling my tenants tales. I’ve learned  what it is to be a human, although I’m really only a building with a human perspective. I’ve tried to be understanding and kind when privy to secrets. They have sometimes inspired and disillusioned me. I’ve learned to respect and at times fear knowing them.

Most of all I believe secrets can help us to survive tragic situations. And if the bearer of a powerful secret can make the world a better place, it would be worth sharing…




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