My new adventure is underway and my goal is to publicize heartwarming tales, memories, and experiences of twelve decades of life as a modest apartment building. I’m destined to share my tenants lives. They were culturally and ethnically diverse and came to America from all over the world to be free.

My mission is to pass on the power of hope my tenants displayed under stressful circumstances, during their historical lifetimes filled with unpredictability. Freedom was the common denominator and the glue that allowed  tenants from many cultures to become lifelong friends and acquaintances.

During the past nine years I have gathered many friends and supporters who believed in me because many of their parents and great grandparents were immigrants, refugees, internal immigrants and descendants of enslaved peoples of Africa. They were Italian, Sicilian, German, Irish, Polish, Canadian, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Hungarian, and African Americans.

I believe “Everyone is special and deserves a life of freedom, truth, and choices.”

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Frances R. Schmidt Author