Change is Coming!

Last week I saw Fran, my author, “The Woman in the Black Toyota”. She was visiting the gas station across the street from me, chatting with the owner as his son filled her gas tank. I think the gas station man talks to her about what’s going on in the area, and maybe even about me (I like to think that)! I could see them looking my way, gesturing and nodding to each other. If I could, I would give her a big hug hello!

It’s not unusual for Fran to drive by slowly, turn around and then park in front of me for a few minutes. She looks me over and often gets out to take pictures.  I wonder what she’s thinking. Maybe she’s amazed, as I am, with all the changes that are happening to me.

Not long ago she spotted a massive truck parked alongside me. She parked in front of me and I saw her car window open. I heard her ask one of the two workers heading into my front door if the owner was inside. He told her “No, but he should be back later”. She waited for a while, then left and I thought she seemed somewhat disappointed. I wonder if she’ll get to meet my new owner soon!

I overheard Fran talking about something very special today and it’s all so terribly exciting! I can tell finally tell you as it’s now official that my story, FRED: Buffalo Building of Dreams, will be published by Buffalo Heritage Press in 2020! It’s been decades of challenges in the making to finally achieve publication, and there have been times when my goal seemed an almost impossible dream. But here I am, a one hundred nineteen-year-old survivor, anxiously awaiting 2020…my legacy year!  Life is quite magical.

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