Welcome to The Novice Novelist Blog!

I’m excited to begin a blog based on six years of experience working on my first historical fiction novel titled FRED: Buffalo’s Building of Dreams!  I couldn’t have accomplished this adventure into the past without the help from my Orphan Building Research Team, Fred’s Friends, an excellent typist, a great pre-publication editor, and a creative designer/branding coach who turned the material into an informative user-friendly author website.

I’m looking forward to sharing my insights and knowledge about writing a novel and what I’ve learned along the way. This website reflects FRED’s survival spirit and my goal of finding the perfect literary agent and publisher who will believe in this project, as much as I do!

Best Wishes,


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  1. Hi Fran, It’s an ongoing pleasure to work as the creative designer for your website and to be one of Fred’s Friends! Thank you for the opportunity and I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about your writing journey, through your blog!
    Christine Demcie

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